A downloadable game for Windows

Elucid is a hack 'n' slash game developed in 6 weeks as a first year project by students of The Academy of Interactive Entertainment in Australia.  If you play the game and would like to provide feedback, click here.

Design - Luke Schlesier, Rhys Adams

Programming - Jonathan Nemec, Evangelos Ghikas

Art - Hannah Levi, Ricky-Lee Hudson-Stephens, Sean Spek, Jordan Condipodero

Additional consulting from William Minter and Idris Hunt.


Elucid Gold 1.0.0 194 MB
Elucid Beta 1.3.2.zip 192 MB
Elucid Alpha 1.0.0.zip 26 MB

Development log


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The music is a banger, the whole time i was vibing.

I LOVE the 'E' button feature, very unique and great sounds.

Hotline miami vibe.

There is a bug (really a fun feature that i love) where you turn the master volume down and then up to bass boost the music by alot. 


Hitboxes are off when trying to hit enemies, i don't know what enemy i am hitting. 

Movement is odd. 

Overall the combat feels 

Thanks so much for the feedback! Glad you enjoyed the game (and the bugs)